SBTs | Cases supported by akaSwap

The concept of Soulbound Tokens (SBT) was first introduced in a white paper by Vitelik Buterin, Glen Weyl, and Puja Ohlhaver. A SBT is a non-transferable NFT held by a private crypto wallet regarded as an individual Soul. It cannot be sold or transferred to another person, making it ideal for digitally representing assets that cannot be acquired by purchasing, such as certificates of competence, education history, work resume, medical records, etc.

akaSwap has two projects regarding SBTs: T-Ambassadors (2022) & akaShi (2022).

T-Ambassadors is the first SBT collection issued by the public sector in Taiwan. It was a training program launched by the Ministry of Digital Affairs of Taiwan and Taipei Computer Association. We assisted in issuing SBTs, exclusive souvenirs and participation vouchers, for each T ambassador who had completed the training program. They are also the only keys to enjoying the T-Ambassadors benefits.

akaShi is a system for sending business card SBTs, one of the predecessors of akaDrop. The owner of the business card SBTs is provided with an individual page, on which is a QRcode for others to scan, log in with a Google account, and claim a business card SBT.

For now the service can be adopted by akaDrop. If you have a need for issuing SBTs, please contact

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