Anyone use Flextesa for dapp/smart contract testing?

Does anyone here still use Flextesa?


Yes, I used it to develop

It’s the best solution I’ve found to test all the governance operations easily.

Taqueria currently utilises Flextesa, but it’s important to note that Flextesa’s development has ceased and it is no longer actively maintained. Recognising the need for a robust and actively supported sandbox environment, we at Taqueria are in the process of developing a new sandbox solution based on the sandboxed mode of the Octez Client. We believe that having a reliable sandbox is essential for facilitating effective smart contract development, and we are committed to providing this tool to the Tezos ecosystem.

We over at Tez Capital also use Flextesa with great success. We have offered to continue support for it at an economical cost.

As long as there’s something we can use to fill this important need, we’re happy…

To meet our own needs and to give something back to the Tezos dev community, we decided to make our own sandbox tool and we called it TezBox