On Chain metrics where to find?

Hello all,

I am quite new to Tezos and try to find some statistics about the chain but have a hard time to get data.

Where can I find (and compare for example growth over certain time period):

  • Number of bakers
  • Number of nodes
  • TPS
  • Avergade costs per standard transactions
  • Transaction volume
  • Unique Adresses Chart growth
    *Top Tezos Holders Richlist

This are some examples… Something like glassnode provides for BTC/ETH would be awesome to have on for Tezos. Example link what I mean: Glassnode Studio - On-Chain Market Intelligence

Just pick one metric and look at the compiled data.


posting two links without a comment. I know them and this isnt even close to some nice on chain metrics I mentioned. But thanks anyway

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Have you tried Arronax | powerful crypto/blockchain data analytics for Tezos, Ethereum and Bitcoin ?

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We unfortunately don’t have this info in a central rep :frowning:

I was doing a study comparing tezos to other blockchains and for example algorand has that Algorand Stats that contain a lot!

Some info we have is Better Call Dev — Tezos smart contract explorer by Baking Bad with the number of contracts call on the top right

https://tzkt.io/ main page has total funded accounts or 24h data but not a nice graph going up

There was a kind of similar post couple of months ago on Companies, Investors and Devs rely on development metrics to evaluate the activity and value on a project before getting involved. There is no site providing up to date data for Tezos development

more requesting market data than on chain data, but it did not seem to get traction.

I would love to see some of these numbers on tezos.com, maybe someone at the @tezosfoundation @TQTezos has some information?

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Thank you @shakeNbake I am looking ar Arronax but that isnt quite what I was searching. And idk if thats only on my side but it loads very long. It says beta, maybe it will improve once its out of beta?

@greeneye12 Yeah BCD and tzkt is a good start but not much. Checkout glassnode for example. What they provide for BTC or ETH is top notch and in my opinion this is needed for Tezos to see all the metrics. I am in contact with some people that do regular on chain research and articles and they said its really hard to do analysis on Tezos because the tools arent there compared to other chains. I mean you can do stuff with BCD and tzkt but 1. its not the same lvl and 2. its hard to get started if you are new on tezos. I try to compile a list to make it a bit easier but I am missing good tools though.

I dont know maybe someone is working on such a thing and I didnt find out.
Maybe its possible to get Tezos added to glassnode, then we have all the metrics right there, this would be a great move… what does @murbard @tezosfoundation or @TQTezos think about it.


Oh yeah I fully agree we are miles away from the data every other blockchain show, there is a lot of friction all over the ecosystem, wheter its to find dapps, on-chain data etc!

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It would be great to have more and better blockchain analytics.
I actually proposed better analytics project to the Foundation, but at the moment BCD is the best provider.

Maybe you could add these new features to BCD source code?

@mjgajda what response did you get from foundation? I dont work for BCD neither am I a developer unfortunately so I cannot contribute to add new features to BCD.

This doesnt work for me when I select Tezos. Does it work for you?

Yes, not all the metrics are available though. What error are you seeing?

Incompatible with selected Asset when I try to chose something with Tezos

@Britcoin Reviewers feedback was scant three sentences with no detail.
As a developer, I perfected the art of solving problems, but it would be impossible for me to contribute a better proposal with essentially no feedback.