Tezos Agora Beta Feedback

Agora is new and we’re looking for feedback.

Let us know what you think can be improved throughout the site!


Looks like a good start.

If there is a link from the forum.tezosagora.org site back to the main tezosagora.org site, it’s not obvious to me.

Definitely a weird edge we are working on. That’s one of the first things we need to fix.

Hi, thanks for the forum.

Why this instead of reddit?

Just noticed:
http://tezosagora.org redirects to https://www.tezosagora.org but https://tezosagora.org doesn’t.

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You can find a link back to the main site, as well as to more resources, on the bottom.

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Great question.

  1. Simple handwavy reason: because Tezos is awesome and deserves its own governance platform
  2. Actual reason: because Reddit is a general platform, lacks the clever features of Discourse, and is easy to social attack. There are many instances of social attack on the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tezos subreddits. Ethresear.ch was also an inspiration
  • OAuth with gitlab and github, but not google
  • On research page, on mobile, logo takes half the screen
  • Research alone sounds too theoretical, research and development maybe?
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  • By design. can explain in a follow-on post or discuss in a thread in this category
  • Will fix logo tomorrow
  • changed it to R&D already

cc @frabrunelle

I just added a few links to the header bar (including a link to the main tezosagora.org site):

Let me know if that’s helpful :slight_smile:

Very helpful. Thanks!


The logo is now hidden on mobile (and smaller on desktop) :slight_smile:

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Can this forum also be used by non-coders like myself to pose general questions of clarification or understanding about what these amendments do/mean for an ordinary Tezos user, or is it just to be used by developers and developer teams to discuss the actual code?

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Yes this forum is for everyone. It will be moderated to stay on topic and people will be encouraged to utilize the other resources for answers to common questions.

But everyone is welcome here and should feel free to discuss what’s on their mind. If it’s off topic the mods will let you know. Together we will all learn how to make Agora a great resource for the community.


I had set up a redirect from http://tezosagora.org to https://www.tezosagora.org using Amazon S3. I just added CloudFront in front of it so https://tezosagora.org should work now :slight_smile:

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Building on this, I think we should definitely create new categories. R&D category is aimed at being a place for generally technical discussions, but there should be categories focused on broader angles as well. One topic I do think we should discourage, however, is trading.


I can edit my previous posts, but not my pending posts.

The panel about community guidelines appearing on the first two posts hides the preview.
I did not notice that. Making it a bit transparent or smaller would help I guess.

Looks like this is a current limitation of Discourse. Currently, we set the “approve post count” setting at 2, which means that your first 2 posts need to be approved before they show up on the forum.

It’s possible to dismiss it by clicking on “esc x” at the top right of the panel but I agree that it might not be obvious that there is a preview area behind it. I just added this to the message in the panel:

There is a preview area behind this panel which allows you to see how your new topic will look like before creating it. Click on “esc x” to dismiss this panel.

2FA with Yubikeys would be a great security feature.