Moving 5% of foundation WarChest ON-CHAIN

There is a lot of people from the community that thinks that Tezos is getting far behind in terms of development. I propose to the TF to move a % of the War Chest ON-CHAIN so BAKERS can start funding projects based on our collective criteria.


As a Tezos community member and a participant of the Tezos ICO… I agree :+1:

Why do I agree…? Certain needs are not being met by the TF.

Edit- fundraiser (not ICO)


As a Tezos community member, you should know it was a fundraiser not an ico.


Here are some relevant thoughts from Arthur B


TF gives grands to projects, consider this another project that TF could fund.


I agree with the proposal. However, a main painpoint is transparency. We should have some kind of portal indicating:

  • Which projects applied
  • Which projects were selected for which amount
  • What is the current status of the project is

A lot of inspiration can be taken from gitcoin.


We need non-formal communication!
We need a marketing team that can democratize the project and not explain all the technical ins and outs.
We need to transform the image of tezos, which at the moment is completely rigid and frozen into something dynamic and attractive.

I absolutely do not question the quality of the project, because all the people who bring their stones are perfectionists and purists. However, I believe that no aspect should be overlooked and in my opinion that of communication is completely overlooked.




Transparency and timely communication are key. Having people say they stopped receiving responses to their on going grant discussions is extremely hurtful to Tezos and perfectly aligns as one of the reasons for the perceived slowness of development. Put it together with the lack of marketing and now we have the full picture for the slowdown.

Putting grant process info out there for everyone to see will force all parties to put their best foot forward. Heck, integrate the portal with Tezos Agora and you can include qualified participants in the grant discussions! Bring the community in on this! Perhaps those who think and bleed Tezos 24/7 will be able to help you…

Marketing here means explaining your vision to get more contributors, not indiscriminately shilling Tezos to anyone willing to listen. Marketing means making maverick moves like putting up a transparent grant process or putting something on-chain to allow bakers to help in funding what we think makes sense. Marketing does NOT only mean advertising a “finished” solution, whatever the heck that even means.


I have been a critic actor on the Tezos ecosystem, but also helping as far as I have been able.

Many people who now are now posting proposals, when the price is down, were trolling me on reddit when I posted posts like this 1-2 years ago:

Proposals should be done when price is up, and when is down we should resist and stop the FUD. But don’t forget the lesson for a better future, to support a project is not only about FOMO and continuism like TCF does, it also involves proposals and public discrepancy by the real community.


The treasury could be funded with the foundation xtz baking rewards. That would ensure a long term funding and a progressive distribution of the foundation stake.


Yes, please! What we need is Politeia ( but for Tezos.

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Project: GitTez (similar to gitcoin). 20% of TF funds. Basically clone gitcoin where projects/devs can apply for funding (continued funding contingent upon demonstrable progress) and community members can contribute to funding.


So rather that talking about it on here, how can we put it into action? Do we, as the Tezos community have the power to pursuade the foundation? I’m surprised they don’t utilize the Tezos on-chain governance to get votes on what they should do with the funds… seems like the protocol is there, they could just do it on a smaller scale for the grants


When need to push this proposal in the QnA that the TF does regularly. They need to see that we insist on this being done.


Is there an actual proposal for this we can reference?

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I don’t believe there’s a formal proposal for this yet. But to add- this is a very powerful idea that not only lives up to the ideals that Tezos was founded on, but keeps true to the intent it was sold on.


I do agree, the positives outweigh the negatives here. With BaseDAO available we now have the platform to make this a reality. Using governance to fund what we choose as a baker/holder collective removes some systemic risk to Tezos by providing an alternative. It’s bound to generate some amazing buzz


Definitely removes systemic risk. One important point to make up front- Tezos could already be called an informal DAO with xtz being the governance token. Considering we trust xtz holders with the actual governance of the protocol, how could xtz holders be incapable/untrustworthy of governing fund allocation? I think this line of discussion is more productive than suggesting/questioning specific usage of said funds at this point.

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A good first step for Tezos Foundation would be to release a report quarterly instead of semi-annually. A second step would be to hire professional PR/marketing consultants. I think this is a must at this point. With all the noise made by other projects, the voice of Tezos is drowned out. We need to be heard loud and clear.

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