Proposed by Nicolas Ochem

Original thread: Nairobi Variant: Fund communityrewards.tez

I am proposing an alternative Nairobi protocol, identical to PtNairobiyssHuh87hEhfVBGCVrK3WnS8Z2FT4ymB5tAa4r1nQf, except for one thing:

At activation, my proposal mints 100,000 tez (one hundred thousand tez) and credits them to communityrewards.tez .

The proposal’s true name is its hash: PtNairob7pXeHYjDSDn6xXbA7M6UeNtuNXmQTay1rG1nN6Y5M17

Here is the code change and the merge request on gitlab .


Token minting is one of the tenets of on-chain governance. The only way to mint tez outside of baking rewards is for a supermajority to vote for a proposal that includes an invoice, such as this one.

So far, the community has used this power sparingly. Two past proposals paid on-chain invoices directly to contributors:

In total, 28,700 tez have been minted this way. The bulk of the development of Tezos is paid for by the Tezos Foundation. But, the foundation war chest is not infinite. At the same time, the technological and human machinery required to build and maintain the protocol is becoming more complex and costly over time.

This proposal does not pretend to meaningfully enable protocol development. Instead, it aims at setting a milestone of inflation funding that the community can base itself upon for future protocol upgrades.

The communityrewards.tez account belongs to the Tezos Commons Foundation (TCF), a community-focused foundation for the advancement of Tezos.

Over the course of several years, this account has distributed small rewards (currently 125 tez) to community contributors who have distinguished themselves. Anyone can recommend a nomination by filling a form. This program is widely known and appreciated in the Tezos community.

Read more about the most recent round of rewards (Feb 2023).

The program curators are people working on Tezos full-time. They have improved it over time to better satisfy its objectives and the goals of the community.

Additionally, TCF manages a small grant program. This program, currently geographically limited to North America, is a lighter alternative to the Tezos Foundation grants program that allows teams to rapidly prototype ideas.

Due to this wealth of experience, TCF is uniquely positioned to be the recipients of this round of funding. I have no doubt they will utilize these funds at their discretion towards goals corresponding to their mission.

Disclaimers: I have received 545 tez from community rewards since April 2022. I am making this proposal in my name only. I did not check in with TCF before submitting this proposal.


Hash Description
PtNairobi... Nairobi proposal, as described in the blog post
PtNairob7... Nairobi Variant “Fund communityrewards.tez”, grants 100,000 tez to a TCF-managed account

To vote for the Nairobi variant:

tezos-client submit proposals for YOUR_ADDRESS PtNairob7pXeHYjDSDn6xXbA7M6UeNtuNXmQTay1rG1nN6Y5M17

If you have no opinion and want to pass, you can always vote for both Nairobi Initial and the Nairobi variant:

tezos-client submit proposals for YOUR_ADDRESS PtNairobiyssHuh87hEhfVBGCVrK3WnS8Z2FT4ymB5tAa4r1nQf

Or use browser-based voting tools tezocracy.xyz or tezgov.app .

Note that if you have already voted for one proposal, you can still vote for another one later, but it won’t cancel your first vote. It will just add to it.


Any baker can submit a proposal. This guide explains how to submit a proposal to fund an account of your choice.

TezosCRP is not a technical amendment to the protocol

TezosCRP does not have a decentralized system

TezosCommons is highly subsidized by
TezosFoundation since 2018, with no audits

This proposal perverts the aim of the Tezos on-chain mechanism and inflates xtz